We offer many approaches and alternatives to welding. Our skilled craftsmen are trained and have years of experience Mig and Tig welding. We offer robotic welding for even more precision and efficiency. We also specialize in spot welding and Tog-L-Lok processes.

Precision Welding

Precision Welding - Robotic Welding - Spot Welding Our welders produce the finest and strongest welds. Whether it is Mig or Tig welding we specialize in both. We can weld steel, galvaneal, aluminum, and many more types of metal.

Robotic Welding

If tight tolerances and speed is what you need, Mercury can offer a robotic welder that suits the job. From large automotive-industry sized robots capable of reaching great distances or small table top robots for small jobs we offer a wide range of solutions.

Using precision jigs the robot can perform its work quicker and more accurate. For high-volume and precision jobs, robotic welding aids in getting your product to market faster.

Spot Welding

For covers, stiffeners, and numerous other applications, spot welding is quick, easy, and clean. Mercury offers numerous solutions and ideas in our spot welding process that helps deliver you a lower cost.

Weld Alternatives

For many applications there is an alternative to welding, and we offer those solutions. Tog-L-Lok is a process of joining two pieces of metal by binding them together with a special tool. The speed and ease of this process makes it a great solution where welding is not a preferred method. We also offer two other similar alternatives: stake locks and twist tabs.

Metal Finishing

Mercury will finish your part to your specification or ours. It's your choice. We provide a variety of finishing methods depending on your need. Whether it is a Class A finish, a brushed aluminum finish, or a simple ground weld, we will finish it to your liking.

Copper Brazing

Mercury is experience in copper brazing, both manual and automated. In addition to copper brazing we will also perform the appropriate leak checks using water baths, helium testing, and high pressure testing for the appropriate application, whether it is for water or refrigerant.

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Precision Welding - Robotic Welding - Spot Welding