Metal ShearingWe offer various alternatives to achieve the best utilization of material balanced with perfect efficiency during the process.

Material Inputs

We work with you and recommend the most cost effective solutions to procure your material. Our unique processes and material utilization methods put us ahead of the rest when it comes to saving on cost. Whether we shear a stock blank or master coil ourselves or procure a purchased blank, you will know you are getting the maximum benefit when you work with us.

Metal Shears

Our automatic shearing process efficiently cuts steel blanks into the right size for processing. We employ technology and know-how to shorten lead time and allow for a build-to-order environment.


Our auto-saw is capable of cutting tubing, rounds, rods, bars, angles, and much more with the push of a button at great speeds. This is just part of the reason Mercury offers you a competitive solution.

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Metal Shearing