We make racks for all industries using pre-coated materials, plated components, or cold-rolled steel and painted. Custom fabricated to industry standards. Racks for All Industries

Superior Quality

It takes years of experience and know-how to produce the perfect frame. We do it every day - it's our specialty. No matter how complex or how stringent the tolerances, Mercury's experience in tools, fabrication, and welding delivers a perfectly square and true frame every time.

Custom Solutions

It doesn't matter how big or how small your product is. Mercury has experiences with the smallest frame all the way to frames that can only be moved using heavy equipment. Mercury also has extensive experience sourcing and utilizing components such as casters, slides, cables, and plated pieces.

Tight Tolerances

Mercury knows that your application requires tight tolerances. We build frames that hold their tolerances not only piece-by-piece, but side-by-side. That's the quality you get when you come to Mercury - pieces line up and go together like they are supposed to.

Refrigerated Cooling Solutions

No matter what your product if you require cooling we can work with you to design your system from simple cooling units to complex integrated cooling of large racks and backplanes. We can integrate the solution using a variety of refrigerant methods directly into your product to meet your needs.

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Racks for All Industries