Mercury will build you a prototype of your design before the actual production run. This allows you to see a real production version to make those final design decisions before volume runs.

Prototype Shop

Prototype Parts & Prototypes Our Prototype Shop is a complete shop that includes every tool needed to build your prototype. Because we don't have to push it through our main processes with other high-volume work, we are able to keep a more watchful eye and better control over the building process. Our skilled craftsman will put it together and test the various processes your product will go through when it actually hits the production floor.

When your prototype is complete, you will have the chance to go through an actual working version of your product. We will highlight any areas of concern and places where manufacturing costs may be reduced from the original design.

Production Quality

Our prototype shop is not only a separate entity from the day-to-day activities of manufacturing; it also has access to every tool and service that Mercury offers. Any process not available right in the Prototype Shop is available as well as Quality Control to ensure that you will have an actual working product at finish.

Re-Modeling Capabilities

After final decisions are made, our skilled craftsmen can make those changes to your prototype if there are remaining concerns or questions. This is just an example of the complete service you will find when you work with us here at Mercury.

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Prototype Parts & Prototypes