Powder Painting - Waterborne PaintingAt Mercury we take pride in the quality and caliber of finish that we deliver. We employ the latest technology and tools to provide you a perfect finish. We offer both liquid-based paint and powder paint finishes.

We are set up to paint in both high and low volume. Our high-speed paint lines and small batch booths and ovens are available to you. Mercury also offers an in-house laboratory to test and prove out paints and powder mixes.

Powder Paint

Powder Paint is a very durable finish where the paint particles are electrically bound to the material and then baked on. It provides an excellent finish for most projects.

We utilize quick change tools and robotic paint systems to optimize throughput and quality. Mercury can paint multiple colors and textures depending on your need. If you are not satisfied with a color, Mercury works with powder suppliers to find the right formula.

Waterborne Paint

Water-based paints offer a variety of finishing options as well. We can apply textured, glossy, or matte finishes. This allows for a low-bake decorative finish on plastic parts. We also have experience in conductive paints for electro-mechanical needs.

Our in-house laboratory and engineers will help you decide on the right paint and chemical formula for your need.

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Powder Painting - Waterborne Painting