High Volume Stamping - Low Volume StampingWe make stampings using lasers, turret presses, stage tooling, and coil-feed progressive transfer lines. We produce one piece to 300,000 pieces per month using any combination of lasers, turret presses, and coil feel lines.

High-Volume Stamping

Various thicknesses and various metals; we can do it all. If you have a part that warrants high-volume hard-tooling, you have come to the right place. We support high-volume stampings by utilizing hard tools. Our in-house Tool Shop builds and maintains various types of tooling for different applications. We optimize production by working with you to find the right method for your product. We offer stage tooling, coil-feed progressive tool lines, and press transfer lines.

Low-Volume Stamping

Just because you don't need thousands of parts doesn't mean Mercury can't do it! Mercury supports all volumes. Depending on the complexity and use of the finished part, we will position it on our precision laser or turret presses.

Additional Operations

In addition to simple stamping and forming, Mercury also inserts press-in hardware. We also utilize Tog-L-Lok for specific parts. From there, we can ship direct to you or use the part in another process.

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High Volume Stamping - Low Volume Stamping