Our resources extend beyond the factory floor. We shop for the best price and highest quality components for the job.

Extended Supplier Base

Global Procurement Supplier BaseOur supplier base includes over 1,500 potential suppliers. We search for the best local sources for our Lean Operations and Just-In-Time Inventory. We then go beyond to the global marketplace, and take advantage of lower-cost markets when it makes the most sense. At Mercury, we provide the right balance of localized and global sourcing. We look at every job and weight all of the costs to source your components.

Core Supplier Base

Mercury has a good long-standing relationship with its core suppliers of raw materials and component parts. This means that when push comes to shove, Mercury delivers. We don't just shop around for the best price; we shop around for the best supplier with the right mix of cost, delivery, and quality.

Qualified Suppliers

Our suppliers must meet our tests before their raw material or components are used in your product. This means that there won't be any unexpected surprises when it is time to take your product to market.

Global Procurement Supplier Base