Mercury offers both a hard tool and a soft tool approach to form material. We offer a variety of tools to get the job done.

Soft Tool

Metal Forming A soft tool process is used when production quantities to do not justify dedicated hard tooling. This approach is based on lower volumes, print tolerances, and lower cost tooling. Our Auto-Forms, Press-Brakes, and Panel Benders are linked to a central database to minimize downtime and optimize efficiency.


Our Auto-Forms fill the gap when hard tooling is not an option. Mercury has a full tool library for just about every job, interchangeable between all facilities. We offer both mechanical and hydraulic Press-Brakes to optimize your solution.


Our Panel-Bending System is unbelievably quick and, given the right job, delivers unprecedented quality and speed. Capable of the work of many Auto-Forms, the Panel Bending Process is fast and efficient.

Hard Tool

A hard tool approach provides dedicated tooling for high volumes, extremely tight tolerances, and a lower unit cost. Initial tooling cost is higher due to the complexity of the tools. We offer everything from 1 Ton to 400 Ton Presses, Coil Feed and Progressive Press Lines, and High-Speed Transfer Press Lines. Mercury supports all of these lines and tool maintenance with in-house tool shops with Wire EDM capabilities. Our tooling is interchangeable between all facilities.

Progressive Tools

Our Progressive Press line operates from coil fed material, and is capable of up to 400 tons.

High-Speed Transfer Press

The High-Speed Transfer Press Line is capable of turning out hundreds of parts per hour. With its auto-load/unload system it takes the job of five people and condenses it into one.

Interim Tool

The interim tooling concept is a combination of a soft & hard tool approach. Mid volumes, tighter print tolerances, and higher tool dollars are all factors in the Interim Tool Process.

It's Your Choice...A Single Process or a Totally Integrated Solution.

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Metal Forming