We custom build and ship enclosures for OEM brand identity or special projects. We offer in house design to assist in your product development.


Enclosures: Frames - Latch & Lock Mechanisms - Refrigerated Cooling Solutions Our frames come complete with the finest finishing available. Only after being accepted by our rigorous quality check will they be allowed to leave our facility. Many of our clients have come to know and trust this feature in all of our products. We have every tool to fit your frame need; perforations, louvers, gaskets, foam, quick-release mechanisms and much more.

Latch & Lock Mechanisms

We offer multiple lines of latching and locking mechanisms from a variety of vendors including us. This means that we can meet your need a number of ways. Whether it is a high-strength lock or a simple latch, Mercury can do it.

Refrigerated Cooling Solutions

No matter what your product if you require cooling we can work with you to design your system from simple cooling units to complex integrated cooling of large racks and backplanes. We can integrate the solution using a variety of refrigerant methods directly into your product to meet your needs.

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Enclosures: Frames - Latch & Lock Mechanisms - Refrigerated Cooling Solutions