You choose the level of service you want. We provide simple engineering support to a full design team to get your product off the ground. We go one step further and leverage our virtual business model to bring all sites together as one.

Product Development

Design & Engineering Services Mercury's Engineering department is capable of assisting with product development in many areas. We will take your idea and recommend ways to save on cost, produce higher quality, and improve manufacturability. Every choice comes down to you.

Our team uses the latest in design tools and can work with you in whatever format you choose. AutoCad, Unigraphics, Solidworks, Photoshop. We do it all. Our Engineering Team will then work in conjunction with you to define proper tolerances and manufacturing processes. When your product is ready to go, we will then fabricate a prototype in our Prototype Shop or immediately ramp up production to get your product to market.

Engineering Support

Our Engineering Department is skilled with years of experience and know-how to manage your account. Armed with the latest tools and technology, our team will turn around a price quote quicker than ever before. We will then sit down with you and go through your project, highlighting points of interest where we can save cost or improve a process. When it is time to begin full-scale production of your product, our Team is there every step of the way. Constantly checking and re-checking controls, quality, and processes to ensure your product launches with no unexpected surprises.

The Engineering Service doesn't end there. We constantly look for ways to improve processes and save cost. Utilizing our Lean Manufacturing directives we talk to the employees who build it, the Quality Department who checks it, even the Shipping Department who packages and ships it. We leave no stone un-turned.

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Design & Engineering Services