Mercury offers a hard tool or a soft tool approach to CNC punching. Our CNC punching capabilities are endless.

Soft Tool

Hard Tool or Soft Tool CNC punching A soft tool process is used when production quantities to do not justify dedicated hard tooling. This approach is based on lower volumes, print tolerances, and lower cost tooling. Our N/C Turret Presses and Lasers are linked to a central database to minimize downtime and optimize efficiency.

Turret Press

Our N/C Turret Presses fill the gap when hard tooling is not an option. Mercury has a full tool library for just about every job, interchangeable between all facilities. We also feature Auto-Load and Un-Load capabilities to keep your product's costs down.


Our lasers are capable of precision cuts and tight-tolerances. Armed with the latest technology they are fast and can cut metal up to 1/2" thick.

Hard Tool

A hard tool approach provides dedicated tooling for high volumes, extremely tight tolerances, and a lower unit cost. Initial tooling cost is higher due to the complexity of the tools. We offer everything from 1 Ton to 400 Ton Presses, Coil Feed and Progressive Press Lines, and High-Speed Transfer Press Lines. Mercury supports all of these lines and tool maintenance with in-house tool shops with Wire EDM capabilities.

Progressive Tools

Our Progressive Press line operates from coil fed material, and is capable of up to 400 tons.

High-Speed Transfer Press

The High-Speed Transfer Press Line is capable of turning out hundreds of parts per hour. With its auto-load/unload system it takes the job of many people and condenses it into one.

Interim Tool

The interim tooling concept is a combination of a soft & hard tool approach. Mid volumes, tighter print tolerances, and higher tool dollars are all factors in the Interim Tool Process. It's Your Choice...A Single Process or a Totally Integrated Solution.

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Hard Tool or Soft Tool CNC punching